Ramadan Action List

The Rusty Muslim’s Ramadan Action List

Ramadan Action List

The ‘Rusty’ Muslim’s Ramadan Action List
Written by RAC
Friday, 21 September 2007Ramadan is here once again. For many Muslims, it’s time to make additional efforts in their worship. For slightly ‘rusty’ Muslims, however, it’s time to try and recall what being a Muslim is all about. If you’re one of the latter, don’t panic! Here is a useful action list to get you started.

Ramadan Action List

1) Dust off your Qur’an
You know you must have one somewhere. Didn’t your Aunty give you a copy when she returned from Hajj? You’re sure you put it in a safe place. Try checking on the top shelf of your bookcase, or the top of your wardrobe. Don’t be put off by the inch-thick dust & cobwebs.

2) Track down your Prayer Mat
Again, you’re sure you have one. It’s a bright attractive velvet one, with tassels, almost too nice to use – that’s why you were saving it for special occasions. Well, Ramadan is definitely a special occasion. Time to put it to good use.

3) Locate Makkah
You think it’s towards that corner of the room, but you’re not entirely sure. You don’t want to risk a guess, so you may have to ask someone. Not to worry, you remember you have that little plastic compass that came free with a packet of Weetabix.

4) Find a Prayer Timetable
You could try your local masjid. But what about that scary Imam? He’s sure to wonder why he hasn’t seen your face around before. Then again, with the Ramadan rush, no one will notice a new face, and by the end of the month, you’ll be just another one of the regulars.

5) Wake up for Suhur –
Now that you have a timetable, you can’t believe what time suhoor is! Is it biologically possible to wake at that time in the morning? You’d better set two alarm clocks – and put one of them well out of reach.

Now that you’re all kitted out for Ramadan, it’s time to concentrate on collecting some rewards by planning some good deeds. Although your Qur’an recitation might not be easy on the ear, and your limbs are unused to the exercise of prayer, there are still some simple ways you can increase your level of achievement this Ramadan. Here are a few suggestions:

6) Make time for Repentance – Astaghfirullah.
We certainly have plenty of things to ask forgiveness for. In fact, it could take all month, so you’d better get started. But don’t panic – after all, this is the month when the gates of mercy are opened. Just make sure it’s sincere.

7) Greet everyone with a smile and a ‘Salaam’
Okay, so your usual greeting is a twitch of the head, accompanied by “Y’alright”. But you have the cutest dimples when you smile, and this is one of the easiest ways of earning extra rewards. When the Prophet (saw) was asked what types of deeds in Islam are good, he replied: “To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you don’t know.”

8) Get in touch with family and friends
You have been meaning to ring your Aunty for months, and some of your friends are certain you have left the country. Telephone, visit, write a letter or an email and say ‘Ramadan Mubarak’.

9) Give something to charity

You’re a little short on cash, but there’s all that lunch money you are saving this month. Be generous! Many charities also accept used clothes and other items. This is your chance to get rid of those loud jumpers your grandma keeps sending you. The Prophet (saw) said ‘Every act of goodness is Sadaqah (charity).’

10) Host an Iftar dinner
Maybe you can’t cook, and you nearly poisoned your best friend the last time you tried, but you can always ask friends or family to help with the food. Include non-muslims among your guests – it’s an excellent way to spread the word about Ramadan, and Islam.

However ‘rusty’ we may get with our prayers and worship during the year, Ramadan is the ideal time to get back on track. And after all our hard work in Ramadan, we need to continue to make a year-round effort to maintain our Iman.

The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, ‘You are required to take upon yourselves only what you can carry out easily. By Allah! Allah does not withhold His Mercy and forgiveness from you until you neglect and give up (good works). Allah likes those deeds best which a worshipper can carry out constantly.’
[Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Ramadan Action List


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