The pillars of  Islam



The first pillar of Islam is :

1-the declaration of faith ( to testify that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah

and Mohammad is his messenger)

The second pillar of Islam is:

2-Asalah where Muslim should pray five times aday and night

The third pillar of Islam is:

3-Azakat where muslim give part of their money to poor muslims and people in need

The fourth pillar of Islam is :


4-Asawm fasting the month of Ramadan from every Islamic year


The fifth pillar of Islam is


5-Hajj where muslim visit Kaba  at least once in life if he is able to do it and make special worship there

The pillars of Islam are five and abuilding which has five pillars will stand firm and will be strong.

if all muslims do these things very well so surely Islam will be so strong..

Amuslim is the one who obeys Allah in everything

he belifves that Allah exists, and that Allah is one ,the all knowing , the only creator

and also accepts and believes that Muhammad is his servant and messenger.






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